Curriculum vitae

Dr Bertil Magnusson

Department of Chemistry and Material
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Box 857, S-501 15 Borås, Sweden

Trollboken AB, Sweden


Born 10 of June, 1952, Göteborg, Sweden.

Nationality Swede

Family Wife and three grown-up children


Started as a marine chemist looking for traces of metals in the Oceans, rivers, lakes and rain in the 70's. At that time clean room and clean sampling was something totally new in the chemical laboratory. After PhD he joined a chemical company, Eka Chemicals within AKZO-NOBEL and worked there as a specialist in analytical chemistry mainly with spectroscopy (XRF; XRD, ICP) and wet chemistry. The work included support for all laboratories within the company in Europe and America.

In 2002 Bertil joined SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and is currently working with quality in measurements, Metrology in Chemistry, a research area on international comparability and traceability of chemical measurement results. Main issue is here to participate in international cooperation between national metrology institutes. A major part is teaching and writing guidelines and research papers regarding issues related to measurement quality e.g. measurement uncertainty, validation, traceability and quality control.  Important part of his work is education for analytical laboratories. In Nordic cooperation, he has written a handbook on 1) Measurement Uncertainty, 2) Internal Quality Control for Environmental Laboratories and 3) Uncertainty in sampling. The favourite analytical technique is XRF and a user meeting is organised bi-annually. 


Since 2002 member of Eurachem, currently member of the Executive committee, secretary of working groups on Measurement uncertainty and Traceability and member of the several other working groups. Technical assessor according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17043 (proficiency testing).


Bertil did represent Sweden 2002 to 2017 at European metrology, EURAMET and internationally by participating in CCQM, the consultative committee within the SI system for chemistry.


In 2016 Bertil started a consultant company,, supporting laboratories with measurement quality and analytical science. 


PhD in Marine Analytical Chemistry 1981 Thesis: Determination of trace metals in natural waters.


Eka Chemicals

1983-1992 Specialist in inorganic analytical chemistry


1992-2002 Specialist in inorganic analytical chemistry


2002 –

Research scientist, working in the field of measurement quality (Metrology in Chemistry)


Trollboken AB

2016 – Company – mainly working with education in the field of measurement quality.

Reg nr 559090-2127,

Some of the scientific publications after 2000

Before mainly publications about determination of trace metals in sea water

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Opponent on dissertations

  1. Lilli Sooväli, Spectrophotometric measurements and their uncertainty in chemical analysis and dissociation constant measurements, June 2006, Tartu University, Estonia

  2. Eve Koort, Uncertainty estimation of potentiometrically measured pH and pKa values, June 2006, Tartu University, Estonia

Guidelines – handbooks and books after year 2000

1.     Bertil Magnusson, Teemu Näykki, Haavard Hovind and  Mikael Krysell Handbook for Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Environmental Laboratories 2003, edition 5 (2017), Nordtest tecn report 537 . Swedish version can be purchased from SP  

2.     Håvard Hovind, Bertil Magnusson, Mikael Krysell, Ulla Lund, and Irma Mäkinen, Internal Quality Control- Handbook for Chemical Laboratories,.Nordtest technical report 569 Edition 4 (2011). Swedish version can be purchased from SP

3.     NMKL procedure on weighing using analytical balance, 2008  

4.     NMKL procedure, Evaluation of results derived from the analysis of certified reference materials,2009

5.     Bertil Magnusson, VAM bulletin, issue 35, 2007, New approach on internal quality control from Nordtest/NICe,

6.     Terminology in Analytical Measurements, 2011, Eurachem guide, member of the working group.

7.     The Fitness for Purpose of Analytical Methods, Eurachem Guide revised version issued 2014, Editor.

8.     Bertil Magnusson et al. Uncertainty from sampling - A NORDTEST handbook for sampling planners on sampling quality assurance and uncertainty estimation,  Nordtest tecn report 604,

9.     Bertil Magnusson, Teemu Näykki, Haavard Hovind and  Mikael Krysell Handbook for Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Environmental Laboratories 2003, edition 5 (2017), Nordtest tecn report 537 . Swedish version can be purchased from SP

  1. Bertil Magnusson et al. Analytical Measurement: Measurement Uncertainty and Statistics. Eds: N. Majcen, V. Gegevicius. EC-JRC IRMM, 2012. Available on-line from

  2. Bertil Magnusson och Ulf Örnemark, Metodvalidering, Handbok för laboratoriet, 2017, Utgåva 3. RISE, ISBN 978-91-88349-84-2, SP RAPPORT 2017:03



Courses and lectures

1.     Bertil Magnusson has since 2002 participated in a program on measurement quality in chemistry for industries and authorities including the following courses:  Statistics for Analytical Chemists, Use of CRM, Method validation, Measurement Uncertainty, Internal and External Quality Control and ISO/IEC 17025.

2.     Bertil Magnusson has organised XRF user meetings as well as ICP/ICPMS user meetings bi-annually since 2003.

3.     Bertil Magnusson is regularly giving lectures in analytical chemistry and measurement quality at Universities in Sweden.

4.     Bertil Magnusson has in cooperation with Marina Patriarca, ISS, Italy given courses in measurement quality in Tanzania (2008) , Ethiopia (2009, 2012, 2013) and Ghana (2014) organised by PTB, Germany.

5.     Bertil Magnusson is regularly given lectures at international and national meetings about measurement quality and especially about measurement uncertainty and internal quality control.