Before validation starts the method should be documented with an instruction in Your laboratory. Write down a detailed procedure how to operate the method in your lab. In appendix A of the Eurachem Guide you find the following most important headings: 


Method instruction

Determination of x in matrices z,y, in the concentration range from ...

1     Scope

           (Scope, application, measuring interval, limitations etc)

2    References

                  (ISO standards, manuals, other SP methods)

3     Principle

                    (Sample preparation, measuring principle, reactions – short text)

4     HSE – health, safety and environment

5     Limitations

                    (Conditions, interferences, important info)

6    Equipment

                  (Premises, instrument, balances, ovens, glass)

7    Chemicals and reagents

                  (Ref material, chemicals, solutions with expiry date, QC samples)

8    Sample

                   (Sample description, subsampling, sample treatment)

9    Procedure

                  (Analysis, calibration, parameter settings in programs, quality control)

10    Calculation and reporting

                    (calculation of result, computer programs, reporting, significant digits)

11    Version control

                     Version No


12    Annexes