Trollboken is supporting the Swedish sections of  Amnesty and Doctors without borders

The mission of the company is to spread knowledge about quality in measurements through courses, lectures and pointing to free resources that can be used by analytical chemists, such as guides, handbooks, leaflets, software and on/line courses.

The company is set up by Bertil Magnusson. I started as a marine chemist looking for traces of metals in the Oceans, rivers, lakes and rain in the 70's. At that time clean room and clean sampling was something totally new in the chemical laboratory. After PhD I joined a chemical company, Eka Chemicals within AKZO-NOBEL and worked there as a specialist in analytical chemistry mainly with spectroscopy (XRF, XRD, ICP) and wet chemistry. We supported laboratories within the company in Europe and America.

In 2002 I joined SP, now RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and worked with quality in measurements including accreditation, quality control, validation, measurement uncertainty and decision making. A major part was teaching and taking part in writing guidelines from Nordtest and Eurachem.

From 2018 at the age of 66 I now work only as a consultant for Trollboken AB.

I have all the time been interested in metrology but also semantics. What vocabulary can you use when you talk to analytical chemists and what words can you use when you talk to other scientists or customers.  One nice word is precision meaning just spread within our analytical community and accuracy in all other cases. In Sweden we have a poet, Karlfelt who once wrote about his character Fridolin who was such a good guy even though he was educated. He, Fridolin was talking to farmers the way farmers do and with educated men in latin...